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    Seed Co products are the end result of a long term scientific breeding programmes

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    16 Dec 2019

    Join us for the Seed Co International 2019 half year results analysts briefing.

    3 Oct 2019

    Seed Co International takes exception to the allegations raised in the above mentioned article published on 17 September 2019 which states inter alia that Seed Co International was paid an "extra Rwf33.4 million which did not match the number of seeds supplied".

    23 Aug 2019

    Seed Co International Limited shareholders are advised that due to operational challenges related to payment of dividends below USD10,

    20 Aug 2019

    By 16:00hrs on Friday 2 August 2019, the last time and date to receive dividend election forms, eligible shareholders elected to receive their dividend as follows:

    19 Aug 2019

    Results of the Seed Co International Limited Annual General Meeting Held on 9 August 2019 at 12.00 Hours in the Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino, Gaborone, Botswana.

    19 Aug 2019

    Results of the Seed Co Limited Annual General Meeting Held on 15 August 2019 at 12.00 Hours in the Standards Association of Zimbabwe Auditorium, Harare, Zimbabwe.

    7 Aug 2019

    AGRICULTURE remains the basis of the Zimbabwean economy. If we get agriculture right, then we are on the right track to get everything else right: food security and surplus, industrialisation, exports growth, job creation, value creation, growth of the rural economy and growth of the overall economy.

    Botswana Listing to Spur Seed Co’s Growth
    10 Aug 2018

    SEED CO International Limited is expected to list on the local bourse and Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) soon as the company partially unbundles to help fund its regional operations, NewsDay has learnt.


    Seed Co has provided us with a stable market and technical support during the season.

    We received a planter, plough and harrow from Seed Co and this greatly improved our lives as communal farmers.

    Firstly, I would to thank Seed Co for the opportunity to brag about Seed Co. They are a fantastic company and they have put me on the map.