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    About Us

    Seed Co products are the end result of a long term scientific breeding programmes

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    Research Team

    Prof John Derera
    Global Head Research & Development
    Dr Meluleki Zikhali
    Dr Golden Mabuyaye
    Group Maize Breeding Lead
    Dr Elliot Tembo
    Group Breeding Systems Lead
    Nyasha Chiuraise
    Plant Pathologist
    Caleb Souta
    Suorghum & Small Grains Breeder
    Davison Mugwenhe
    Marlvern Mushayi
    Roderick Gunundu
    Maize Breeder
    Tegwe Soko
    Themba Mutuvira
    Maize Breeder

    Seed Co has provided us with a stable market and technical support during the season.

    We received a planter, plough and harrow from Seed Co and this greatly improved our lives as communal farmers.

    Firstly, I would to thank Seed Co for the opportunity to brag about Seed Co. They are a fantastic company and they have put me on the map.